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VivaGreen has been developing and manufacturing a range of compostable and truly biodegradable products since 1992. By thinking harder, applying innovation and creating new technology we are using natural materials in new ways. The result is that we can help you to help the environment in which we all live.

GreenSax Compostable Bags

GreenSax compostable bin bags are award-winning, all-natural, 100% compostable bags for your organic waste bin. We produce a range of these bags in both paper and compostable natural film in different sizes for just about any need, from countertop scraps to garden waste.

They can all be disposed of in local authority/municipal domestic food or compostable waste collection (or in home composters) where they will break down completely and quickly, helping return nutrients to the earth and support a new generation of growth. GreenSax have full compostability certification in accordance with the EU standard EN13432 and US standard ASTM 6400.

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